The Extra Point: Best and worst of each position, so far

The Extra Point: Best and worst of each position, so far

(WVUE) - The start of the 2017 fantasy football season has been as unpredictable and frustrating as fantasy football has ever been. However, for as many of us that have been unlucky, there are just as many that struck fantasy football gold. I'll run down the position list naming my best and worst at each spot. I'm factoring in the average draft position along with their production.

Best QB: Tom Brady, Patriots

This was a no-brainer. Even with a high draft price, Brady's lived up to it. Week one wasn't stellar, but he's responded with huge outings the next three games. Brady's 10 touchdowns in the last three weeks and 350 yards per game have him at the top of the board in terms of points. He's also benefiting from New England's poor defense that makes it necessary to keep on passing late in games.

Worst QB: Cam Newton, Panthers

He enjoyed a four-touchdown performance in week four against New England, but everything else has been pretty below average. He was scoreless in week two and only found the endzone once in week three against the Saints. His touchdown points barely make up for the points lost via interception. Maybe a big outing against the Patriots will serve as his wake-up call and reward fantasy owners who took him early.

Best RB: Kareem Hunt, Chiefs

It's not even close. He's the NFL rushing leader and came with a very low draft price. It's the pick that I'm still kicking myself over because I panicked and took a quarterback too early instead of Hunt. What's even better about Hunt is the offense he plays in. The Chiefs have become just as good as the Patriots and Saints at using their personnel in many different ways. From Hunt to Tyreek Hill, they make plays whether they're in the backfield or split out wide. Note: Todd Gurley was a very close second. He was a first or second round pick, but he's definitely surpassing expectations.

Worst RB: Adrian Peterson, Saints

It's probably not his fault. Peterson's in an offense with a crowded backfield that features breakout rookie Alvin Kamara. However, it doesn't look like AD has much gas left in the tank. The burst isn't the same, and even with a small sample size, his lack of production in the few carries he's had speaks volumes. I saw Peterson going as high as the fifth or sixth round, and for those fantasy owners, I'm sorry. Drop him make a run for any of Green Bay's backups or Latavius Murray of the Vikings.

Best WR: Stefon Diggs, Vikings

Not only did he have a career night with Sam Bradford at quarterback against the Saints, but he's done it with Case Keenum under center as well. That's not easy. Diggs has become WR1 tier every week as he averages nearly 100 yards per game. Only Jordy Nelson with five touchdowns has more touchdown receptions than Diggs (four).

Worst WR: Amari Cooper, Raiders

This was another easy selection. Cooper leads the Raiders with 31 targets, but he's only hung on to 12 of them. He's already more than doubled the number of drops he had during the 2016 season. His 110 yards and one touchdown through four games are hardly worth the early round pick you had to get him with. The only positive for fantasy owners is that if Cooper can work past the drops, the targets will still be there, and he should return to at least WR2 status. Note: Terrelle Pryor was also a consideration.

Best TE: Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

As long as Gronk is healthy, the titles of best fantasy tight end, best real life tight end and best tight end in the universe all belong to him. His skill-set is perfect for the position, and he's got the best quarterback in the game to feed him the ball. Gronk also benefits from the Patriots lack of tier one wide receivers (sorry, Brandin).

Worst TE: Hunter Henry, Chargers

If you drank the kool-aid on Henry, it's probably given you a stomach ache to go along with that headache of watching scoreless games. In weeks one and three, Henry went with without so much as a single reception. With the ageless Antonio Gates still in the mix, Henry was never expected to have huge numbers, but his unpredictable use and touchdown dependency makes him hard to start.

If I had to pick a best defense, I'd probably go with the Broncos, given how reliable they are coupled with an offense good enough not to have them on the field all day. The worst, given their expectations, would probably be the Patriots.

My favorite kicker's been Matt Prater (Lions), who's become the new Matt Bryant (Falcons). With a strong leg, the Lions are never afraid to try him from 50+ yards, and Prater is good enough to make all of them.

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