FBI works to figure out motive in mass shooting

FBI works to figure out motive in mass shooting

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Authorities in Las Vegas worked Tuesday to piece together why Stephen Paddock opened fire Sunday night, killing 59 people. A retired former FBI agent says although it may take time, the agency will get to the bottom of Paddock's motive.

With each passing hour, we learn more and more about the 59 people killed in Las Vegas. We're also slowly learning more about the 64-year-old shooter.

"He was an introvert, he kept to himself. He has been described as weird," said former FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Jim Bernazzani.

Bernazzani says right now, the agency is going through Paddock's home and belongings.

"Cell phones, texting, emails, computers, to find out who he was in contact with in the critical time leading up to the awful event," Bernazzani explained.

And agents will talk to one very important person.

Bernazzani says, "What I think is critical is the traveling girlfriend. I don't know how you amass 43 weapons and date some guy and not know what weapons are in that place."

Police say they found some of the weapons in Paddock's hotel room at the Mandalay Bay, and others at his home in Mesquite, Nevada. But on the surface, there was nothing that jumped out that indicated Paddock would commit such a crime.

"Is it like father, like son? Did he all of a sudden snap and he took it out on that crowd?" Bernazzani asked.

Paddock's father was a serial bank robber who was on the FBI's most wanted list for years. If his father's history didn't play a role, Bernazzani believes it could be something else - something we all use every single day.

"I think its a result of social media and it's the dark side of social media where it really isn't radicalization, it's inspirational and they get these ideas," Bernazzani explained.

It could take weeks or even months before we know what triggered Stephen Paddock. But one thing Jim Bernazzani is sure of, we will have some sort of an answer to close the door on this horrific chapter.

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