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Chief Meteorologist David Bernard weighs in on Tropical Storm Nate's current forecast and track

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The cone has shifted farther west during the overnight hours. Last night I was showing you the wind speed probabilities for tropical storm force winds and our numbers began to jump while the numbers farther east over Florida were dropping significantly. That was the clue that a shift was likely.

As we stand this morning, the forecast is for a Category 1 hurricane to impact our region Saturday night and Sunday. This means today and tomorrow are the preparation days with final preps finalized early Saturday morning.

The future strength of the storm is very much in question. The good news is that all of the intensity guidance indicates a tropical storm or Category 1 hurricane. But the hurricane landscape is littered with storms that have "over-performed". Of greatest concern is the very hot water over the NW Caribbean. So we need to pay close attention today and tomorrow to see how Nate reacts to that hot water and any further land interactions with the Yucatan Peninsula.

We CAN'T rule out the possibility of a stronger storm at this time. That's not saying it's going to happen. The chances are quite low right now.

More later...David.

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