Jefferson Parish and low-lying areas prepare for Nate

Jefferson Parish and low-lying areas prepare for Nate

LAFITTE, LA (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish leaders said they are taking all precautions just in case Nate makes landfall in Southeast Louisiana.

Jean Lafitte is a low-lying part of Jefferson Parish which is always vulnerable to flooding. Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni says Jefferson is as ready as it can be and that the parish is assisting areas like Lafitte.

People were enjoying the waters of Bayou Barataria while the weather was good in communities like Lafitte and neighboring Barataria and Crown Point.   Flooding is always a concern given the level of flood protection here.

Portable pumps have been deployed and sandbags are part of the arsenal and Yenni said parish wide they are ready.

"Of the 181 pumps in Jefferson Parish we have 180 of them working so we are 99.9% to capacity. We have about 80,000 catch basins throughout all of Jefferson Parish, this year alone we have cleaned out 31,000 catch basins. Since August 5 we've cleaned out almost about 10,000 more and we're going to continue doing that over the next few days," said Yenni.

"We are going to be monitoring it we're going to be out there again throwing sand bags like we always do to try to keep the people safe, but if it gets to a critical stage we are going to, you know,  first we will call for the voluntary evacuation, you know, if it gets really serious then we will call for mandatory and will give them enough time to actually get out, so I would just tell them to be prepared, hopefully for nothing," said Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner.

Meanwhile people we talked to are concerned but not overly so and some are buying extra food.

"Bread, ham, bananas...getting ready," said Gerald LeBlanc, who has lived in the community all his life.

"We'll see what happens when I gets in the gulf. Hopefully it doesn't get any stronger than what it already is, category one and it's moving so hopefully it's just some wind and bad rain," said resident Bryant Adams.

Schools are closed in Lafitte Friday and Monday.

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