Some Biloxi residents thankful fast-moving Nate didn't cause significant damage

Some Biloxi residents thankful fast-moving Nate didn't cause significant damage

BILOXI, MS (WVUE) - After an impact from Hurricane Nate as Category 1 storm you'd think Sunday morning there would be some Biloxi blues out on the beach, but the some folks in Biloxi say the storm moved through so quickly, they're feeling pretty lucky on the Gulf Coast.

No one feels luckier than the Golden Nugget Casino, after storm chasers captured video of the surge flooding a lower level of the casino's parking garage.

"Basically about 10:30 the storm started coming in and was with us for about an hour, in total we had about four feet at base level of service parking, nothing got into the hotel or casino, all the restaurants are fine," said Scott King with the Golden Nugget Casino.

Sunday morning, crews nearly completed demolition work, ready to renovate the entrance that is rarely used by guests, less than 24 hours after the flood.

"It was four-foot underwater," said King. "It was basically an escalator that goes up into our main level to where there was two sets of escalators that climb 40 feet in the air. They were at the base level."

Across town, Nate tore away branches and blew sand onto the highway. "We had some boats that were not able to exit and you saw that yacht that was down there, that's a challenge, but you know the debris removal from the beach from Hwy 90 the sand that blew in, the beach erosion, those kinds of things will be challenges," said Biloxi Mayor Fofo Gilich, who adds for the most part they 'dodged a bullet.'

The biggest sight on the beach was a sailboat that washed ashore during the surge. But outside of the beached vessel, residents aren't impressed with Nate's fury.

"The boat is kind of creepy looking, but its really not that bad, everyone seems to be getting back to normal, and it's just another day," said resident Heather Rosenberg.

With some storm cleanup ahead and obviously a boat removal for someone it won't be long before Biloxi gets back up and running as usual. The Mayor says by this time next week, you'd never know a Category 1 storm blew through.

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