Juan's World: Adrian Peterson, we barely knew ya

Juan's World: Adrian Peterson, we barely knew ya

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World where I want you to raise your hand if you saw this coming. Raise your hand if you expected Adrian Peterson to be playing elsewhere before the midway point of the NFL season.

The first game of the season should've given you a clue. His reaction to how he was used and how much he was used against his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, should've raised your first eyebrow. If it didn't, then you weren't really paying attention.

So who's the victim here? Peterson, the Saints...No No No...it's Saints fans, who got all excited about Peterson being here, they failed to think about how he would fit in here. I get it. Future Hall of Famer that says he's still got a lot left in the tank. You have to give him a shot, right? Saints fans fell in love with what they 'hoped' to see from Peterson. We've all been watching him run past defenders for a decade so we all kinda fell in love with his potential as a 32-year old running back.

But, reality set in pretty quickly. The guy we saw against his old team 'is' who Peterson is now. A.D., as he's affectionately known around the league is a totally different player now, even though he'd never admit it.

He's a shell of what we remember him being just a couple of seasons ago. And 'that's' why he's no longer a Saint. Well, that's part of it. The 'other' part is, the Saints have two better running backs to give the ball to. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara give this team much more than Paterson can. Sean Payton said as much with how he decided to use them during the first four games.

Clearly, the writing was on the wall when it came to the pecking order at running back. So, the Saints did Peterson a favor by finding a trading partner. By finding someone that wanted him and what he can provide is a life line being thrown to one of the games greatest running backs.

I wish it would've worked out here for Peterson. I wish he could've summoned up the A.D. of old, for at least one game. But, it didn't happen and now it's Arizona's turn to see what truly is left in Peterson's Tank.

I think...it's almost on empty.

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