FFF: The rise of Kamara made Peterson expendable

FFF: The rise of Kamara made Peterson expendable

(WVUE) - On this edition of FFF, we look at the rise of Alvin Kamara contributing to the Peterson trade, heartbreak for U.S.A. soccer fans, and another way to make quick restaurant reservations in NOLA.


The NFL Draft can give many organizations more misses than hits. One example, not one player from the Saints 2014 draft is still on the team. The 2017 draft was very fruitful for the Black and Gold, with the likes of Marshon Lattimore, Ryan Ramczyk, Marcus Williams, Alex Anzalone, and Alvin Kamara seeing significant playing time.

Kamara's rise in touches, was one of the main reasons Adrian Peterson is no longer with the Saints.

"One of the challenges when you have the depth we have is having enough touches for all these guys. Both Mark (Ingram) and Alvin (Kamara) have been playing well. Adrian had a good training camp, and yet in our league we have free agency and the NFL Draft. We drafted, and ended up finding a good young prospect who plays well. I think this is a win-win," said Payton.

Coach Payton also pointed out there's no hard feeling between the organization and Peterson. The Saints drafted well, and Peterson had to go.

"Adrian and I talk a ton each week. Our relationship is fantastic. It was an opportunity for him to be featured more. I'm happy that opportunity has come up," said Payton.

The Saints are still not looking good when it comes to salary cap numbers in the future, but if they continue to draft like 2017, that could rid the evils of so many free-agent signing misses.


I rarely get involved emotionally with sporting events anymore. Being a journalist, I usually rid myself of any cheering, or living or dying with every play of a contest. But the USA Soccer team is a different story.

First off, I love any sporting event involving the United States. Hockey, basketball, golf, you name it. If U.S.A. is on the front of the jersey, I'm all-in.

The Stars and Stripes loss to Trinidad and Tobago was a bitter pill to swallow. T&T knocked the United States out of the World Cup in Russia. This stings for a few reasons. One, the "Soca Warriors" were done with, couldn't qualify for the World Cup, but still mustered a 2-1 win. Secondly, the Americans roster was much superior, should've never come to this.

Now I have to watch a World Cup next summer with no America in it. Guess I'll just catch up on my beach time.


The Open Table app is one of my favorites on my IPhone. I can make reservations for a restaurant in 30 seconds. No annoying phone call to a restaurant, where I usually get put on hold.

With success comes competition. In this case, Resy is new to the area, and picked up some quality spots away from Open Table.

Shaya, Doris Metropolitan, Three Muses, Paladar 511, and Houston's are some of the big names on Resy. It's quick like Open Table, and you get a text reminder when a reservation is getting close. You can text confirm, or cancel after the text comes in. Just another way to make my dining experience relaxing as possible.

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