Some voters still haven't settled on a New Orleans mayoral candidate

Voter tunout not expected to be strong

Campaign signs for the presumed top mayoral candidates litter front yards across the city.

And even though election day is this Saturday, some voters are not shy about admitting that they have not settled on a mayoral candidate yet.

"I'm undecided, I'm very undecided right now," said Ryland Smith.

"I'm still on the border on who I want to vote for right now,"said Kim Broussard.

The race attracted 18 candidates, but recent polls suggest only three are them are at the top of the pack.

"All eyes are on [Desiree'] Charbonnet, [Latoya] Cantrell and [Michael] Bagneris," said FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman.

The Secretary of State thinks voter turnout in Orleans Parish will be higher than the 15 percent he's predicting for statewide.

"To the candidates, every election is the most important election in a lifetime, but to voters, this should be a very important election for people who care about drainage and crime. This is your chance to have a say. I think we're still looking only about half participation in Orleans Parish," Sherman stated.

Smith said in communicating with others, there is a lot of apathy on display.

"I don't hear a lot of engagement, I hear a big disconnect," he said.

And yes, the candidates have talked a lot about their plans for reducing the crime problem in New Orleans and what they will do to address the problems with the Sewerage and Water Board, but have they done enough to differentiate themselves from each other.

"In a race where everybody's for lowering crime and everyone is for improving the Sewerage and Water Board issues, and their approaches have not really separated the candidates, but their character has. This has become a race about whose experiences and character best position them to lead the city," said Sherman.

Sherman said during this final stretch of the campaign for the primary, attacks have intensified.

"As a later entrant into this race, Desiree Charbonnet took an early command of the fundraising battle with over a million dollars in one of her first major hauls and strong showings in that top-tier of early public opinion polls. She's become the target of a couple political action committees and the target of the negative ads in this race," Sherman said.

Charbonnet has fired back at her attackers in TV ads.

"It's tough times we're living in right now in New Orleans, it's a very critical times going forward," said Smith.

And some undecided voters are clear on what they want the next mayor to eliminate.

"Those cameras, when you're riding, getting the tickets with those cameras," said Broussard.

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