Women voters could have biggest say on whether Cantrell or Charbonnet makes history in mayor's race

Women voters could have biggest say on whether Cantrell or Charbonnet makes history in mayor's race

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans mayor's race has begun a new and women voters could have a bigger say than men in whether Latoya Cantrell or Desiree Charbonnet makes history and becomes the city's first female mayor.

"We look good tonight, but our city is going to look even better and brighter," Cantrell told supporters after she made it into the runoff Saturday night.

"Failure is not an option, right that's it, correct, not an option," said Charbonnet to her supporters in another part of town election night.

With a runoff the reset button is set in political contests.

"For Latoya Cantrell, she needs to solidify that 39 percent, make sure they come back out to the polls in a month and build that base a little bit further to get over 50-percent.  For the Charbonnet camp, they need to redefine their campaign, to come up with a winning message. They've got a lot more work to do," said FOX 8 Political Analyst Mike Sherman.

Charbonnet made a point of being back in the office Sunday working on strategy.

"I am most excited about the real opportunity to be the mayor of this great city and to lead it into its 300th year and to help solve the problems that so many people face concerning crime and flooding, affordable housing," she said.

"I want to continue to lead a credible campaign.  One that is not about trashing people and knocking folks down, that's not what we're about, never have been, and so I want to continue to stay above board," Cantrell said to FOX 8 News Saturday evening after addressing supporters.

"So now that we're down to just two candidates I fully expect campaigns to sharpen their messages and attack each other.  All that we've seen on the attack side so far is the Voice PAC and the NotForSaleNOLA PAC attack Desiree Charbonnet," Sherman stated.

Charbonnet strongly refutes the attacks as baseless and said that her political career has been scandal-free.

Still the ads funded by wealthy locals had an impact during the primary.

"I think that it probably had some effect on my numbers, sure but we are going to change that and win," Charbonnet said to FOX 8 News.

Whoever wins will shatter New Orleans' political glass ceiling to become the city's new CEO.

"It's making history and 300 years I think it's about time," said Cantrell.

"I certainly intend that it will be me, as I tell a lot of women when I win you win, we all win," Charbonnet said.

Sherman said women voters in the city could have a big say over which of the candidates makes history.

"We have one of the most female-electorates anywhere in America.  About 55-percent of the voters are female in New Orleans," Sherman stated.
And with some voters in Orleans Parish seemingly apathetic both Cantrell and Charbonnet will have to work hard to make sure their staunch supporters get to the polls Nov. 18.

"What I'm going to do is really touch more people and get them to understand my track record of getting things done," Cantrell said.

"You've got to get that get-out-the-vote team together, you've got to have the very best and I do believe I have the best in the business," Charbonnet said.

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