Trial date set for man accused in deadly Lamborghini crash

Trial date set for man accused in deadly Lamborghini crash

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A trial date is set in the case of the local man accused of killing his passenger while driving drunk in a Lamborghini.

Police say Jason Adams admitted he was drinking and speeding when he crashed a Lamborghini he was driving into a flood wall on Tchoupitoulas, killing 23-year-old Kristi Lirette, who was riding in the sports car with him.

Judge Robin Pittman set two dates for the trial. The first, a pre-trial hearing in November to discuss the results of blood work that is crucial to the case. The second, a trial start date in December.

"It's the sixteenth time we've come to court. It's the first time I leave feeling like something positive happened. We finally have a trial date, we're all very excited about that. We feel very confident the result is gonna be what it needs to be, so we leave here feeling much better than the first fifteen times we've come," Brett Lirette, Kristi's father, said.

During the hearing, lawyers confirmed a lab received blood work from Adams that will be used as part of the trial.

"Right now, both sides are still waiting for the blood alcohol levels and the blood results. So I think they had more than one test done, so they want to get the results of those two things and there's going to be a chain of custody as to how the blood was drawn, was kept and tested. So those are the things that are going to come up before trial," FOX 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti said.

Judge Pittman said as long as there aren't problems with the blood work, the trial will begin December 11.

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