Report: Body found in river in July is that of missing man, Mark Bakotic II

Report: Body found in river in July is that of missing man, Mark Bakotic II

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The body of Mark Bakotic II, the young man who disappeared Dec. 30 from a Warehouse District music club, has been found and positively identified by the coroner's office, according to our partners at | The Times-Picayune.

Bakotic's body was found in the Mississippi River near the Riverwalk outlet mall July 22. His family received DNA confirmation of the identity of the body on Sept. 29, according to

The coroner said the manner and cause of death have not been confirmed.

Mark Bakotic's father posted the following statement on Facebook:

Finding Mark Bakotic Update. I could not figure out why Mark 2 was acting like a fugitive, but I should have. It appears that they found him before I could. It is with a sad and broken heart that I have to report that Mark 2 is no longer with us. On Saturday 22 July, Mark's body was found in the Mississippi River near the River Walk Mall in New Orleans. Because of personal effects, I have known since then but it has taken until today to validate that it was Mark 2 through DNA testing. Please pray for my son. I have no idea how he died, why he died, or when he died; but it appears he was running with a crowd who valued blood over money. No one claimed the reward, but someone took down his Facebook page 12 hours after Mark's unidentified body was found and reported in the news. That does not lead me to believe he had a peaceful ending. It also makes me believe that whoever knew Mark's body was there might have been a long term friend of Mark's and who Mark was communicating with nine months ago on Facebook. Why the person feared the evidence that might exist on Mark's Facebook, I do not know; but hopefully the police will be able to retrieve it. For those running in that life style, be careful. Many people have helped with the search and many are living or have lived in that environment, but please get out of that life style and do not allow your life to be cut short. Mark 2 was an awesome kid and a good man, but his star was put out at only 22 years. His credo was always to lift people up, but no one was there to lift him up when he needed it. I did everything I could but I failed to find him in time. I failed. I will have some type of reception in Mississippi for friends and will announce it ahead of time. In the meantime, I have removed from my house and given to the police Mark's laptop, journals and computer and I will personally try to pretend like Mark 2 died in a traffic accident or a hurricane but my hearth knows otherwise. The reward used to be $7,500 for locating Mark 2; however, now it is $10,000 for the information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Mark's death. If no on claims it, part of the award will eventually be returned to me. Once again, a heartfelt thanks for those who helped me in trying to locate Mark 2. This time I have included a picture of Mark 2 from him prime, before drugs entered his life.

Please forward this as often as the earlier ones. Allow this one to be Mark 2's words to lift others out of their position in life.....

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