Juan's World: Time to hop back on the band wagon

Juan's World: Time to hop back on the band wagon

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and from the moment we stepped foot into Packer Land, talk of getting to see the Brett Hundley era take off was a-plenty. Looked like word of the second coming of Aaron Rodgers didn't materialize. The reason why had as much to do with Mike McCarthy's decision as it did the Saints defense of him.

McCarthy was in a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation. Take the reigns off and let him play freely, which would put him at risk of having another three-interception game like the one he had against the Vikings the week before.

Or Option two, which was to play conservative and to the strengths of their young QB. Don't put too much on him and hope the guys around him can raise their level enough to get the Packers the win. Option two only worked for a half.

A change of course by the Saints at the half led to them dominating the second half and making Hundley look like the inexperienced quarterback that he is.

So McCarthy's plan backfired and he's taking a lot of heat for it today back in Green Bay. But, honestly, had he chose option one and Hundley fell flat on his face, the heat would've still been there. Again, it was a lose-lose call for the former Saints offensive coordinator.

Meanwhile, in the other locker room, we have a Saints team that exercised some demons at Lambeau field on Sunday. It was their first win there since 2006 and it gave the team its first four-game winning streak since 2013. In both of those seasons, the Saints were still playing in January's playoffs.

And how about the NFC South standings. After the first two weeks, the Saints were looking up at everyone after another slow 0-2 start. Now, everyone's looking up to them as the divisions leader. "That' has never happened to a Sean Payton-coached team. But, this is not a typical Sean Payton team. They aren't as explosive as in years past. They run the ball much more than in years past because it's their strength. And their defense is better than middle-of-the-road. It's actually the reason why this team is quietly celebrating leading the division. And they're proving that they "CAN" go on the road and win in not-so-comfortable conditions. They're 3-and-1 away from the dome.

Now, they return to Poydras St. for back-to-back home games against the Bears and Buccaneers. Two teams that have surprised this season. One good, one bad. But, both are dangerous. And both teams will test the Saints dome field advantage.

BTW, there are plenty of good seats still available on the band wagon.

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