VIDEO: Reporter talks about investigation, breaking the John Besh story

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - |Times-Picayune reporter Brett Anderson said his investigation into allegations of sexual harassment in the Besh Restaurant Group and by chef John Besh himself came to his attention during the 2017 Carnival season.

Anderson said he received a phone call from a friend about a mutual friend who had recently quit her job with BRG. Anderson said he was told the reasons for the woman's resignation might be something he should look into.

That phone call led to a seven-month investigation during which Anderson talked to numerous employees, as well as Besh and his partner, Octavio Mantilla.

The results of that investigation were published in an Oct. 21 story titled, John Besh restaurants fostered culture of sexual harassment, 25 women say.  In a matter of hours, the story made national and international publications.


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