Friends talk about how Fats got his start

Friends talk about how Fats got his start

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Friends and family are mourning the loss of legendary New Orleans piano man Fats Domino.

From Gentilly to the North Shore, Domino is being remembered as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

Antoine Fats Domino had been suffering for a while, but friends and family were still stunned to learn the news of his passing.

"It's a terrible loss for New Orleans and the world. The young people, they should know who he is," said Don Bartholomew.

With the help of Don's father Dave, Fats Domino sold tens of millions of albums, including "Walking to New Orleans" and "Blueberry Hill."

"My dad found Fats at the Hideaway Lounge," Bartholomew said. "Everybody was talking about how he tore the place up as he played boogie-woogie."

On the North Shore, former State Music Commission Chairman Bernie Cyrus has a makeshift museum with a section dedicated to Domino. He also has two signed tickets to a 1956 Domino concert.

"As a kid, I knew him. He was humble. As head of the Music Commission, I wanted to get him his due. I brought his Grammy to his house. That was a big deal," Cyrus said.

Cyrus said Domino and Louis Armstrong are believed to be the two greatest musicians from New Orleans.

"We all grew up loving Satchmo, but he may surpass Satchmo because he created a genre - rock 'n' roll," Cyrus said.

"Our two fathers have changed the world," said Bartholomew.

Domino was among the first performers inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

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