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Sheriff: Career criminal arrested after threatening to kill family, rape children

Melvin Pablo. Source: Pearl River Police Melvin Pablo. Source: Pearl River Police

A career criminal is behind bars after a family had been tormented for days by threatening phone calls, according to the Pearl River Police Department.

Telephone recordings and text messages show that Melvin Pablo explicitly threatened to violently kill members of a Pearl River family, as well as threatened to brutally rape a pre-teen girl and pre-teen boy of that family.

The family, whose name is being protected, stayed home from work and kept their children home from school for several days out of fear.

Pablo was located and police secured an arrest warrant for terrorizing and improper telephone communications charges.

It was found that Pablo was a convicted felon and had been arrested nearly twenty times for crimes ranging from aggravated assault with the intent to kill, various weapon and drug charges, endangering children, burglary, larceny, and other acts of violence, according to police. 

Pablo, a transient working throughout the southern states, was arrested in Texas.

Pablo was transported back to Pearl River where he was booked and sent to Covington Jail. 

“Protecting Pearl River from violent criminals is absolutely our top priority. No one gets to make these kinds of horrific threats, especially towards small children, and get away with it. It doesn’t matter where these kinds of criminals run off to. My officers will track them down and bring them to justice,” said Chief “JJ” Jennings.

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