Strippers don't agree with limit on clubs in New Orleans

City Council seeks to limit number of strip clubs

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - There is a push to limit the number of strip clubs in the Vieux Carre Entertainment District at City Hall.

New Orleans City Council Member Stacy Head said putting a cap on the number and concentration of adult performance venues in the Bourbon St. area will help prevent sex trafficking, but entertainers said Thursday this is not the way to do it.

Head's recommendation is now one step closer to becoming a reality because a motion passed by the City Council will send it back to the city planning commission.

They will then come up with a zoning ordinance that will change the existing zoning laws in that area.

The current proposal would limit the number of strip clubs to one per block. But this would not close any clubs, instead it would happen over time through attrition.

If a club was shut down for some reason then another could not open in its place if there was already one on that block.

Head says doing that will reduce the environment where vulnerable people are taken advantage of. But, entertainers do not see it that way.

The motion will now be sent back to the city planning commission so they can come up with a new zoning ordinance, the council would have to approve that before it moves forward.