Catholic League heavyweights Rummel and Curtis meet up at Shrine on Airline

(WVUE) - Rummel and John Curtis. Two legendary programs in the Catholic League, meet again Friday night at the "Shrine on Airline." The Raiders come into this big-time matchup short seven offensive starters. That's hurt their performance on the field, losing two of their last three games.

"We're a little beat up. We've been beat up all season. It's hit a high-mark right now. We've had it past seasons, other people are just going to have to step up and play well," said Rummel coach Jay Roth.

Yes, the Raiders are hurting, and their record isn't perfect anymore, but it's still Rummel.

"I think the key is you have to take care of your business, and you have to respect the program that Rummel has put on the field the last 20-plus years. The result of that is you better be prepared. Our focus is getting ready for Archbishop Rummel. Who they play, who they don't play, who can, and who can't, we both have those problems," said Curtis coach J.T. Curtis.

With public and private schools split now, everyone makes the playoffs. So big-time matchups like John Curtis and Rummel lose a little luster.

"Oh have I had enough of it, yeah. It's a joke. All you have to do is look at the attendance of games. Who wants to see Rummel-Jesuit play eight times in four years," said an aggravated Roth. Why go see regular season games, when you can see them in the playoffs. Here we are Rummel, Jesuit, Holy Cross here in the backyard. They'll never get on a bus and travel to Ouachita, Baker, experience something else. It's a shame. It's for selfish reasons people want to win championship. I think you need to earn championships. Go through the gauntlet, play 64 teams. The best of 64, not the best of 12 or 13, or best of 28. What motivation is it for us. If we're 2-6 we would be in the playoffs. That's no motivation to prove who's better."

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