VIDEO: Thieves target patrons at Magazine St. bars

VIDEO: Thieves target patrons at Magazine St. bars

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Two tourists in New Orleans took advantage of the weather Wednesday by having a drink on an outdoor patio at a Magazine Street bar, but a man saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of them.

"Just a grab-and-dash kind of thing," said Tracey's owner Jeff Carreras.

Surveillance from Tracey's captured a man in a camouflage jacket reaching over a couple seated at the outdoor table, grabbing the woman's purse and running down Third Street.

Two men ran after the thief, but he jumped in a white sedan with with temporary plates. Witnesses said they saw a woman driving the getaway car.

"When he got to the car, the car literally started rolling before he jumped in the car, because if they had hesitated at all they would have caught him," said Tracey's employee Reggie Morris.

"You're always going to have them knuckleheads in every city," Carreras said. "You're always going to have the crime all over the city. It's what people do."

After the thieves fled from Tracey's, they were seen three hours later and eight blocks away at the Rum House. Patrons there said they caught the man in the camouflage jacket and a woman digging through someone else's purse at the bar inside.

"Hopefully, we'll nab this guy in the next couple of days," Carreras said.

Neither the man nor the woman has been identified.

The New Orleans Police Department said there is an active and ongoing investigation.

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