Jim Henderson honored with Distinguished Sports Journalism award

Jim Henderson honored with Distinguished Sports Journalism award

(WVUE) - James Harmon Henderson has been talking sports in New Orleans, in his own way, for nearly 40-years now.

Since he arrived on the scene in 1978, the sports landscape has changed, but how he eloquently spoke about it hasn't.

For all of the English teachers out there that cringed when they heard the 'other' sportscaster's struggle with the English language, Jim's arrival in Southeast Louisiana was music to their ears. Never before had such 'prose' been put in to covering the games we watch.

Rarely before have we found ourselves running to the dictionary to 'understand' what he just said about the game we just watched. But, that, in a snap shot, is Jim Henderson.

"I was always looked upon as the grammarian of the group...an English teacher," said Henderson.

A winner of numerous awards and recognitions, Henderson will tell you that he never got into this business for the accolades. Unless, it was to recognize someone 'else' for their achievement.

But, it's hard to not talk about a man that's had such an influence in 'how' we view 'and' listen to sports. The voice of the Saints has been encouraging us to turn down the sound on our TV's and turn up Saints radio going on 31-years now.

And on Monday's he's been asking viewers to pause and reflect on what the Saints just did, good and bad, in his award winning commentary.

And, every now and then, Jim has given all of us a little keep sake. Like, 'Hakim dropped the ball' or how about, 'Pigs have flown, hell has frozen over. The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.'

That was all Jim, with words spun together at the right time for the right moment.

So as we celebrate 'for' him, his latest achievements. His induction into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. And Tuesday's honor for being the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award in Sports Journalism, we do so knowing that 'we' are the ones that have benefited the most over these many years.

The 'English' teacher that knew a ton about sports has brought the rest of us along, at his cultured pace, of course, helping us to see the game from a different perspective. While, improving our over-all vocabulary along the way.

Not sure if that was Jimbo's intentions. But, I wouldn't bet against it.  Congratulations Jim.

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