A Love Letter to New Orleans: Kristi Coleman

A Love Letter to New Orleans: Kristi Coleman

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - To New Orleans:

They don't call us The Big Easy for nothing.

It's because we go hard and we never go home.

But at the same time, can be so relaxed in our ways.

A city that never needs a real reason to celebrate.

But just know every celebration must top the previous one.

A city where a second line can break out at any given moment.

Streets flooded with smiling faces and good ole times.

And please believe there's a back story to where that came from.

To New Orleans:

My ride or die.

Where we live to eat.

Home of the "you name it festival".

Filled with sayings like "how ya momma nem" and "baby" to end every sentence.

A city with so much creativity.

Where Mardi Gras beads can live in the trees for many years and go untouched.

But see, we are like those beads,

Because no matter how many storms may come our way, we will still stand our ground and live in the city we love.

And we will ALWAYS "make groceries", "you heard me?"

To New Orleans:

You're like a life partner.

We've been through many firsts together.

From my first steps as a baby to my first 1, 2 step along the parade route.

There has been no greater feeling than dancing behind a band during parade season and having loved ones and strangers cheer for you.

Thanks to my city, no matter where I go, I always stand out from the rest because "I'm from New Orleans baby."

Where we bleed black and gold no matter how many wins or losses.

You can live in a lot of cities but this is the only place where the city lives in you.

To New Orleans:

You never cease to amaze me.

A city where the architecture is one of a kind.

Where the lingo comes with a little bit of "yat" and "dat".

A place where there's just too many good restaurants to choose from.

Where everybody is related somehow.

A place where you can be accepted for who you are.

And because if it's not a thing, we MAKE it a thing!

A city that's so sheltering yet inspiring at the same time.

Where you can expect to wear flip flops one day and boots and a scarf the next.

We love you but, the humidity has to go!

To New Orleans:

Whether it's a snowball or some beignets paired with hot chocolate.

You excite us with the simplest things.

Memories as a child sitting on the lake, swamp tours and learning about the Mississippi River.

And now I've got the "M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i bam boo" song stuck in my head.

You're fun.



Your charm and hospitality never goes unnoticed.

A true melting pot.

To the city that has birthed me, the memories are countless.

And there's so many more to come.

Congratulations on your Tricentennial!

- Kristi Coleman

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