A Love Letter to New Orleans: Rob Masson

A Love Letter to New Orleans: Rob Masson

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - I love New Orleans, because I have moved away just long enough to fully appreciate it.

When you leave New Orleans, you are caught off guard by how much you miss the history of the place. Few other cities measure up, and if they do, their histories are nowhere near as interesting.

From Marie Laveau, to Jean Lafitte, to Huey Long, this place is fascinating. Not to mention the French, Spanish, Canary Island influences and all the Latin cultures who have moved here over the centuries. So here's what is so near and dear to my heart!

The architecture: When I came back to New Orleans, after a hiatus, I felt like the city was hugging me. No place can boast the architecture of Uptown, to the French Quarter. It's charming, sophisticated and abundant.

The food: My taste buds are built around the seasons of New Orleans. I crave king cake at Mardi Gras, crawfish in the spring, crabs in the summer, you get the picture, the world's greatest restaurants are everywhere. It's a city where it's nearly impossible to get a bad meal, or hear bad music.

The music: It's everywhere! From Congo Square, to Central City, where Louis Armstrong was raised, to Fats Domino, to Harry Connick, Jr. it goes on and on….

The water: I didn't know how much Lake Pontchartrain meant to me, before I left. Our water is beautiful, a cool spot on a hot summer day, filled with seafood. The mighty Mississippi flows through the city and whether it's views of freighters soaring overhead from French Quarter streets, to shrimp boats on Bayou Lafourche, the water is part of my soul. Crabbing on the seawall, sailing on the lake, exploring bayous in a fishing boat, or picnicking on a City Park Lagoon. Not to mention our proximity to some of the best beaches in the world in Alabama and Florida. There are endless opportunities, to enjoy our water.

The parties: Some of my best memories belong to New Orleans, Pat O's for proms, the old Bali Hai Restaurant, Pontchartrain Beach and the Warehouse for concerts. Many "ain't dere no more" but the memories are strong!

The sports: My love of the Saints and the LSU Tigers is rock solid. There's no place like dome, or Tiger stadium on a Saturday night.

And of course, the people: They are in the stadiums, in the music halls and on the streets at Mardi Gras. They're living a fun filled life, with a sense of humor and spirit and personality, that go along with this town, we call home.

Rob Masson

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