A Love Letter to New Orleans: Shelley Brown

A Love Letter to New Orleans: Shelley Brown

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Dear New Orleans,

When I think of you, it's hard to put into words exactly how I feel. The first thing that comes to mind is HOME. A place where family and friends grew up and now live. I think of a city that is unlike any other.. one of a kind, from our food to our cemeteries.

The gumbo, turtle soup, po-boys, muffalettas and chargrilled oysters are all dishes unique to you and dishes I love to indulge in.

I love how on any given night of the week, you can find live local music in your colorful neighborhoods.

I love that your festivals feature that unique food and music.

I love your architecture, from the shot gun and camel back homes with their rich, detailed woodwork, to the grander homes with their wrought iron balconies.

I love your distinct neighborhoods each with their own identities.

I love that you're built along the mighty Mississippi River.. I enjoy the riverboats like the Creole Queen and Natchez, and the sounds of the calliope that emanate from them.

I love your high school rivalry.

And most of all, I love your people, most of whom are warm and welcoming and family-oriented.. and I love, love, love all their varying accents.

All of the above give you your character, which is why when I'm away from home, and people ask, 'where are you from?,' when I say New Orleans, they light up! People from other cities who've never experienced you.. THEY love you too and are eager to visit you.

New Orleans, there's no place like you, no place like home.


Shelley Brown

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