A Love Letter to New Orleans: John Snell

A Love Letter to New Orleans: John Snell

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - You are in a club of one.

I love all that makes New Orleans unique, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and yes, even (most) of the smells.

I love that, in many neighborhoods, a person can look out the window and know exactly in what city he or she awoke.

I love that we are not Anywhere, USA. Don't get me wrong. I like modern buildings and man's triumph of building higher and bigger. But I prefer our mix of old and new: the old, white cathedral with its steeples that graces the riverfront; the steamboats that ferry tourists along the old wharves; the streetcars that serve not just as tourist attractions but as mass transit; and the Superdome we cherished long after other cities demolished their stadiums for the sake of "newer."

I love that over a century ago your people fought for the Vieux Carre and other special places they recognized as treasures before them.

Even your much-maligned weather ranks higher in my book. I love that snow is a once-every-couple-decades delight instead of a wintry curse, and that we can golf or take a boat ride into nearby swamps or marshes on an idle January morning.

Mostly, I love that New Orleanians strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger.

Or, that Patriots-- and even Falcons fans in the dome-- talk about how nicely they were treated during their visit to our city.

If one is going to live this life, it may as well be in an interesting place, or maybe the interesting place.

John Snell

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