A Love Letter to New Orleans: Meg Gatto

A Love Letter to New Orleans: Meg Gatto

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Dear New Orleans,

Well, I must admit, you got me. When I first moved here over 15 years ago, as a freshman in college, I never thought I'd stay. In fact, I wasn't even sure I liked you all that much. You were SO different from the Philadelphia suburb I came from.

But very quickly, things started to change. First, I discovered just how darn friendly people are here! I couldn't manage to walk down the street without someone saying hello to me. It almost seemed strange at first, as a 17 year old kid, but I learned to embrace it. I also remember lots of people calling me "baby" which I had never been called before. Soon, I learned, that was a term of endearment!

Then, that food, oh boy, is the food good! But there was something else. At first it was hard to put my finger on but I think it can be best described as Joie de Vivre!

There's a lot to love. From the streetcars that make St. Charles Avenue feel like a step back in time, to City Park with its majestic, towering oak trees and the soulful sounds that emanate from Frenchman Street. Finding something to do here is never a problem! Whether it's slinging beads during a Mardi Gras parade, sipping on a purple drink on Bourbon Street, paddling a canoe along Bayou St. John, or marching in a second line parade, there's truly something for everyone. I guess you could say, everybody fits in here, which is part of the charm.

I never would've imagined all those years ago that I could fall in love with a city; let alone, a city so far from home. But now, I can't imagine being anywhere else. New Orleans has given me a fantastic job, a new set of forever friends, a man who I will soon share a life with, and it has taught me a lesson; never judge a book by its cover. Because now, New Orleans, is my home.

Meg Gatto

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