Puerto Rican pets in New Orleans searching for loving home

Zeus' Place accpeting pets affected by Hurricane Maria

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Zeus' Rescues on Napoleon is now home to more than 60 dogs and cats rescued from Puerto Rico who are all searching for a forever home.

Michelle Ingram, the director of Zeus' Rescues, said she was contacted by a rescue organization in Puerto Rico that was looking to help get some dogs and cats into better homes while the island rebuilds following Hurricane Maria.

Ingram said some of the dogs were fostered in Puerto Rico while others were sadly surrendered by their owners who just couldn't take care of their beloved pets.

"Our family members, they're just looking to make their pets whole again and they know they can't provide that for the foreseeable future so they're making heartbreaking decision to give these animals over to rescues so their pets can be part of a family again and not have to worry about fresh water or food or medical care," Ingram said.

In fact, some of the pets come with hand-written letters from their previous owner, begging for help and a new home for their pets.

"They'll show us pictures of the dogs being held by the kids in their family and it's just heart wrenching to read but at the same time you know you're doing what these people want you to do in finding them a good home," Ingram said.

Zeus' Rescues is looking for loving families that are willing to adopt or foster the animals if you'd like to help you can visit the group's website and fill out an application.