Coach O: 'Danny is our starting quarterback'

Coach O: 'Danny is our starting quarterback'

(WVUE) - When a big play needed to be made against Alabama, Danny Etling couldn't deliver for LSU. The Tigers can't win the SEC, but still can compete for a 10-win season. Many feel the future is with Myles Brennan at the controls, but Coach O is sticking with the incumbent.

"Danny is our starting quarterback. Danny Has done a good job for us. We're going to finish the season, Danny is our quarterback," said LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron. "Myles would have to beat Danny out on a play-by-play basis, practice. He would have to play better in a game, he hasn't done that yet. I would not give Myles the starting quarterback job just to get ready for next year. We got a lot of things to play for. We're taking it one game at a time, and we want to have a very good year. Right now Danny is our quarterback."

If LSU does want to finally beat the Tide, which hasn't happened since 2011, the QB spot will need an upgrade from the starter they possess now.

"We're couple of players away. You got to give credit to their quarterback. Just think about the plays Jalen (Hurts) made against us the last two years. We held them to 3.2 yards per carry. We rushed the ball well. We had more yards than they did. We just didn't make the plays at opportune times. Their quarterback did, we didn't," said Orgeron.

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