Cabbie: "He put a knife to my throat and I thought I was going to die"

Cabbie: "He put a knife to my throat and I thought I was going to die"

ALGIERS, LA (WVUE) - "He put a knife to my throat and I thought I was going to die," says the cab driver.

A West bank cab driver is still shaken from a brazen armed robbery that he says could have turned out much worse.

"I got a trip sent to me on my tablet at 3620 General DeGaulle which is a Brother's Food Store. When people call in, it shows where the call is coming from. The person's name was Bella, which is a woman," says the cab driver.

When the cab driver pulled up, he says he noticed the passenger was dressed in a skirt and blouse. The passenger directed the driver to go to Vespasian Boulevard and Cypress Acres in Algiers.

"When we pulled up, I thought she was going to run out on me and I said what are you doing. I'm getting some change out of my purse. The next thing I know his arm was around my throat and he had me pinned back and that's when I knew it was a man and not a woman," says the victim.

He says the man had him in a chokehold and then put a knife to his throat.

"He said, I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. He kept telling me he was going to kill me. I kept saying please don't. I have a family. Please don't harm me," says the cab driver.

The cab driver says the knife-wielding man wanted money, so the cabbie reached into his pocket and handed him about 50 bucks and the robber took off.

"He ran through an opening in the gate and the only way into that complex is in and out of that driveway," says the victim.

The cab driver believes the whole robbery was planned. He says the robber purposely disguised himself as a woman and asked to use the phone at the convenience store.

"Because when they do that, it leaves the police with nothing to go on," says the cab driver.

He wants other cab drivers to be on alert.

"I thought it was a woman who would have thought of that. I never heard of it before and there's a first time for everything. You've got to be more vigilant with who you pick up. You've got to study them as they're walking to your car to see if it's a man or a woman," says the cab driver.

Police are still searching for the suspect.