Family of armored truck employee killed in 2013 want death penalty for gunmen

Family of armored truck employee killed in 2013 want death penalty for gunmen

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The family of Hector Trochez is urging prosecutors to seek the death penalty for the men believed to be responsible for the former Loomis armored truck employee's death.

"I'm just happy there is finally progress and hoping that prosecutors seek the death penalty," Trochez's cousin Sofia Zelaya said.

Monday, federal investigators announced the indictment of six people for their alleged involvement in Trochez's death or the coverup that followed.

On December 18, 2013, a group of people ambushed the armored truck Trochez was working in as he made a stop at the Chase bank on Carrolton Avenue and South Claiborne Avenue.

The robbery and killing happened in broad daylight and Trochez died on the scene.

The gunmen got away with cash and made their getaway in a vehicle that was stashed nearby but later found. In that vehicle, investigators say they found Lilbear George's DNA.

George was arrested in February last year when troopers say George was involved in a drug deal in the French Quarter.

George is one of the five men named in the indictment. Jeremy Esteves, 31, Curtis Johnson Jr., 25, Chukwudi Ofomata, 30, and Robert Brumfield III, 24 all face three charges in connection with Trochez's death.

All five men face the death penalty if convicted.

"It's not fixing anything. It's not making us feel any better other than finally justice is being served. And I mean these drivers, they need the protection. They need to know that justice is being served not only for the family but for his former coworkers that everyday they are out there, putting their life on the line," Zelaya said.

The grand jury also indicted Jasmine Theophile, 24 for her alleged involvement in the coverup that followed Trochez's murder.

Federal agents charged her and George with obstruction for allegedly destroying a cell phone. That charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence.

Zelaya said many of Trochez's family members refuse to return to New Orleans.

"His mom is always nervous, always crying. She doesn't want to return to New Orleans. I can't blame her. I can't blame her to never wanting to return. It brings back horrible memories that the last time she was here she actually had to bury her son," she said.

All of the people named in the indictment are from New Orleans.

Ofomata was arrested last week in connection with a brutal "chop shop" murder in eastern New Orleans that left a couple dead in 2008. He was arrested in October on sex trafficking charges.

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