Major traffic developments underway to ease traffic flow in Jefferson Parish

Major traffic developments underway to ease traffic flow in Jefferson Parish
Jefferson Parish is ready for an impact from the possible storm. (Source: Jefferson Parish)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Jefferson Parish President will deliver the annual State of Jefferson speech Tuesday.

Mike Yenni will highlight some of his administration's accomplishments so far, as well as goals for the future.

Many of those goals include investing in traffic projects.

Yenni said they have several projects in the works that will benefit the parish for decades to come, and it is all thanks to the renewal of a sales tax by voters.

One of those projects is an expansion of Earhart and Causeway.

Yenni also said as chairman of the regional planning commission, he's working with DOTD, The City of Kenner and The City of New Orleans on a traffic project for the new terminal under construction at New Orleans International Airport.

"We want to make sure traffic is able to go to and from the airport from both directions on the interstate, instead of just basically if you're coming from the East. We want to make sure now you're going to have egress from the West to get off and have a straight shot right into that airport," said Yenni. "So that Loyola corridor is a very important project that's important to the City of Kenner, the parish of Jefferson and of course, the City of New Orleans who owns and operates the airport."

According to Yenni, there is also an economic explosion at Oschner Hospital creating an influx of jobs, and they want to make sure they're able to handle the increase of people as the hospital expands.

Another project in the works is on the Westbank.

Iapalco Boulevard is in the process of being widened from four lanes into six, and resurfacing the lanes is already underway. The project also includes subsurface drainage to keep water off those new roads.

There are about $500 million worth of projects in the works.

Yenni said the parish is running on a conservative budget, and that his administration has taken extra steps to make sure they are financially sound.

"We recently got an audit report back that shows no deficiencies or flaws in our audit. Previous administrations can't even mention that," said Yenni. "But we've done our due diligence, we've put an internal auditor in place that has done a good amount of reports just recently and helped us with systematic theft when she was the accounting director. So she's got a firsthand account of how this parish needs to operate."

Yenni also recently submitted a $650 million budget for next year that he hopes the council will approve by the end of this year.