Sewerage and Water Board hearing customer concerns with high water bills

Sewerage and Water Board hearing customer concerns with high water bills

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Orleans Parish customers have voiced their concerns with the high cost of their water bills, and now they have a chance to let the Sewerage and Water Board know.

A special meeting was called by the New Orleans City Council Tuesday, and started around 10:30 a.m. in council chambers at City Hall.

According to the council, anyone with water bill concerns are encouraged to attend the meeting where they will take public comment.

Many residents say their water bills don't make sense.

On Robert Street in Broadmoor, neighbors are saying they think a leak could be the reason why their bills are skyrocketing.

Another resident said her monthly bill sits at $200, and she lives alone.

This all started with the August 5 to flood and has since morphed into a series of other problems.

"People are still blaming computer glitches. One elderly lady was told she had a $7,000 bill, she had to make a minimum payment of $2,000 and she still has to get water from a neighbor's house," Councilman Jason Williams said.

The interim S&WB manager, Paul Rainwater, said there is "no excuse" for what has happened and there is "no defense for it."

The interim management team said they might assign case managers to help customers work through billing issues. They say they may have to adopt a triage approach to dealing with widespread billing issues.

Those who attend will be able to ask their questions to Sewerage and Water Board representatives.