Incident on Shell platform in Gulf leaves two injured

Incident on Shell platform in Gulf leaves two injured

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The U.S. Coast Guard and Shell International Limited are investigating an incident in the Gulf of Mexico at their Enchilada platform at Garden Banks 129.

At least two people were injured and taken to a hospital in Houston, according to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts. Their families have been notified.

"At approximately 1:20a.m. on Wednesday, November 8, there was an operational incident at the Shell Enchilada platform at Garden Banks 128 in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. We have activated Incident Command, identified the source of the incident, and are actively responding to the situation. An early morning U.S. Coast Guard overflight is complete and there were no signs of oil on the water at that time," a spokesman for Shell said.

The platform was safely shut down.

"The safety of our people and the environment are our priorities. All 46 people working on the platform were safely evacuated to Shell's Salsa asset and a nearby vessel, per emergency response protocol," Shell leaders said in a statement.

Shell says it regrets the incident.

"We will conduct an investigation to determine the cause," Shell said in its statement.