Hagan’s House: LSU should start Myles Brennan at quarterback

Hagan’s House: LSU should start Myles Brennan at quarterback

(WVUE) - Welcome to the world of college football that YOU wanted.

It comes complete with a four-team college football playoff, which should be the goal and new standard for top-tier programs. You know what none of the top-tier programs began the year saying? "We hope to win 10 games this year. That would be fine."

So why pretend that you're going to remember 10 wins this year, at the most, when they don't matter? They won't bring the Tigers a division or conference championship. And they won't add any trophies to the case. Those wins will be nothing but arguing points for a coach's winning percentage when they're inevitably on the hot seat.

But again, this is what we all wanted. We wanted a college football playoff to truly determine the best four teams when it's "our" team in the running. Did you realize you were also in favor of making every other bowl game a lot less meaningful? Because that's what the college football playoff did. And if you want to know how to fix it, Mike Leach actually has some good ideas (Google it, seriously).

I say all this to end the argument that if LSU were to start true freshman Myles Brennan and lose a game or two, it would be the end of the world. It most certainly would not. Two of the final three games are at home, and that matchup in Knoxville is probably one of the easiest road starts you could give a freshman.

On top of that, who's to say that LSU would be THAT bad (if they were even bad at all) with Brennan under center? There are more throws that Danny Etling missed that Brennan could have made than vice versa. The touchdown pass to Russell Gage vs. Auburn is one of the very few that you can point to that was "great." Decision-making is where Etling may have an edge over the true freshman, but that comes with experience. Why not give the future quarterback of the offense that experience now?

Brennan gives you more arm strength and more of the ability to lead receivers and throw them open. How many more times do you need to see D.J. Chark come back to under-thrown balls and save would-be interceptions?

Coach Orgeron took a lot of criticism after the way he handled the quarterback situation against Syracuse and Troy, and I'll admit that I was as skeptical as anyone. But as Coach O said just last week, the Alabama game was Etling's test. He didn't pass it. The blame isn't all on him, but we should all recognize that he's hit his ceiling.

He helped lead the Tigers to big, celebrated wins this year against Florida, Auburn and Ole Miss. That shouldn't be forgotten, especially with what he's done as a leader. But while he played a role in those victories, he wasn't the starring role.

Linebacker Devin White, the LSU secondary and the dynamic running back duo of Derrius Guice and Darrel Williams went out and gave game-winning performances, and if the Tigers start demanding the same from their quarterback, it will be for the better. Start now. Everyone's wanted to see more of Brennan at the right time, and that time is now.