Mother of Kenner Sweet 16 murder suspect arrested

Mother of suspect arrested in Kenner Sweet 16 shooting

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - The mother of a 17-year-old murder suspect now faces charges after police say she hid her son's weapon.

The murder happened over the weekend in Kenner and police say it stemmed from a long-standing neighborhood rivalry.

"Saturday at the Council on Aging Office here in Kenner, they were having a Sweet 16 party," says Kenner Police spokesperson Lt. Brian McGregor. "After 10:45 p.m. that evening, the party began to break up."

Lt. McGregor says the party started to break up when things became heated.

A Kenner police officer working detail at the party was alerted to a disturbance outside.

"He was keying up to request additional assistance to the area in case he had a problem he'd have help coming. And when he did that, you could hear the gunshot ring out on his radio as well."

Eighteen-year-old Jontrell Wells was shot and died at the hospital.

"You know, we go over to the house, we were going to execute a search warrant and the mom is boasting, 'Without a gun you can't charge him' which is the farthest from the truth. You know, we had already identified him as the shooter."

During the interview with the 17-year-old suspect, police say Holloway told them his mother had taken possession of the gun and hid it in a laundry basket.

"Sure enough we find two magazines to a gun in a laundry basket inside his mom's bedroom but we are unable to locate the gun at this time which we believe she hid."

Police say Holloway's mother, 41-year-old Phaedra Robinson is now booked with accessory after the fact to murder.

"She certainly had no problem on scene to tell us she thinks this all stems from an on-going rivalry between the Susan Parks Subdivision and the Lincoln Manner Subdivision."

McGregor says it's a neighborhood rivalry that's been going on for years.

"Everybody tells you about the alleged rivalry. You ask them what it's about and nobody can give you that answer."

Investigators also arrested a 14-year-old and booked him with second degree murder. He too is believed to be one of the shooters.

"So, we have a 14-year-old arrested and a 17-year-old arrested and a mom of the 17-year-old arrested for some alleged rivalry that is ridiculous."

Kenner Police say their investigation is far from over and there could be more arrests in the future.

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