Leonidas residents concerned about safety hazards with persistent water leak

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A small water leak in the Leonidas neighborhood is causing big problems. Residents and even a Sewerage and Water Board employee say they worry about people getting hurt.

Pointing to the leak on Willow Street, Freamont LaPierre says he's concerned the constant flow of water will make the sidewalk collapse.

"We're trying to address it as best as possible but there's nothing that we could do," he said.

LaPierre says his sister, who lives in the home near where the leak is occurring, has reported the issue to the Sewerage and Water Board every single month for the past year.

"She said she was down there last week and they told her the same again. Nothing is being done," LaPierre stated.

As we were conducting our interview with LaPierre, a man pulled up saying he's an employee with the Sewerage and Water Board. He didn't want his name used or face shown on TV for fear of losing his job. However, he told us, "This been leaking like this since July of last year."

He tells us he, too, has been asking for the leak to be fixed.

"It makes me feel bad because I know we could be out here and fix that, it don't take that long," the man explained.

He says he's concerned for LaPierre's sister, who is in her 60s, and another woman who lives next door.

"Only thing they tell you is it's got a work order. They've got a 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. crew and a 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. crew. They can come check it out," the man told  us.

LaPierre says he especially worries about people walking by the leak at night, who might not see the running water and slippery fungus. The situation is so bad, LaPierre says his sister can't use her front porch.

"She used to sit on the porch and someone told her sooner or later someone is going to hurt themselves so she doesn't even sit outside any longer," LaPierre explained.

LaPierre says he understands Sewerage and Water Board employees are busy tending to the drainage crisis but public safety hazards should also get top priority.

LaPierre tells us a crew came out about four months ago to work on the leak but the water kept flowing.

We reached out to the Sewerage and Water Board for comment but didn't hear back.