Damaged road creates headaches for some Uptown residents

Residents deal with flooded pothole on Green St.

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Filled with potholes and pooling water, one Uptown street is causing major headaches.

Cars, and especially large vehicles, try to navigate the street filled with potholes. Measuring as deep as 4 inches and filled with standing water, the obstacles are everywhere in the 7700 block of Green Street.

"To fit between the hole and where our cars are parked is a minimal amount of space, and I don't want my car to be hit by one of these cars trying to get by," an unnamed neighbor said.

Residents said they've been calling the Sewerage and Water Board regularly.

"As many times as all my neighbors and I have called, no one has even come to look at this mess," Suzy Guyon said.

The murky water covers her neighbors' sidewalk and part of their driveway.

The problem is even moving inside some homes. A neighbor said she started having problems with her water pressure since she noticed the leak.

"I mean, we can shower still, but at that point it's a sanitary and hygiene issue," she said.

To avoid damaging her car, she has to park across the street, or bike to work.

Another concern is the potential for the standing water to be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

"I would get mosquito bites just in the maybe five minutes that I was outside, and that's I'd say uncommon when we don't have standing water that's not an issue," she said.

Suzy Guyon said she is writing a certified letter with pictures of the damage to the city until action is taken.

"We pay our taxes faithfully, and we feel that this should be addressed immediately," Guyon said.

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