Chef John Folse: Spicy salad pickle chips

Chef John Folse - Spicy Salad Pickle Chips

(WVUE) - These simple, tasty pickles make a great salad or sandwich topper, and they're great by themselves! An easy way to learn the pickling process.

Prep Time: 2½ Hours

Yields: 3 Pints


4 large cucumbers, thinly sliced

1 large green bell pepper, cored, seeded and chopped

5 small white onions, peeled and sliced

4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced

¼ cup salt

2 quarts water

2 quarts ice cubes

1 cup sugar

1 cup white vinegar

? tsp dill seed

? tsp ground turmeric


In a large stainless steel pot, combine cucumbers, bell pepper, onions and garlic. Sprinkle with salt then add water and ice. Let stand 2 hours. Drain then rinse slightly. Drain again and set vegetables aside. In a saucepan over medium-high heat, combine sugar, white vinegar, dill seed and turmeric, whisking constantly until sugar is dissolved. Stir in reserved vegetables, bring to a boil and cook 7–8 minutes or until vegetables are slightly blanched. Remove from heat. Pack vegetables into sterilized jars then top with cooking liquid, pressing down on pickles to work out bubbles. Seal tight and store in refrigerator.