Nicholls Football on the verge of a playoff berth

Nicholls Football on the verge of a playoff berth

(WVUE) - It's impressive enough that Nicholls State, ranked 17th in the country, is on the verge of a possible playoff berth. But what's truly remarkable is that they're just three years removed from a winless season. Third-year head coach Tim Rebowe's executed a brilliant turnaround at warp speed.

"The first day when we got here and brought in some good coaches and some good people, we knew we could change the culture," said Nicholls Head Coach Tim Rebowe. "We started that, and when you put together a couple of good recruiting classes and some good players, it's about those guys on the field."

Those guys, being a Colonels team made up of 110 players, including 97 from Louisiana. The most on any roster the state.To keep bringing in the best, they've got to beat the rest.

"One of our goals is we want to beat the in-state schools. We've got to go to all of these high schools, and it's really huge for us," said Rebowe.

While a win against the Lions would certainly help the Colonels case to make the FCS playoffs, coach Rebowe says that win or go home mentality has to start right now.

"I think the playoffs start now. I think they really start this week. We can kind of use that approach a little bit. If you win, you probably get in with nine wins. It would be hard to take a 9-2 team, and not get them in the playoffs," said Rebowe.

"Having that mentality, that championship mentality, you always want to take each game like it's a playoff game or a championship game. You always want to go in there expecting, really just looking forward to win every game and win every down," said quarterback Chase Fourcade.

"We have to treat it just like every game. A win is still a win on our schedule. Of course, you get the bell back in Thibodaux, but if we win, we're in the playoffs. That's what we're shooting for," said linebacker Sully Laiche.

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