NOPD launches new online crime reporting tool

NOPD launches new online crime reporting tool

The New Orleans Police Department launched a new online crime reporting tool called NOPD Online.

The online reporting system will enable citizens to file non-emergency police reports quickly and easily over the internet.

The system is designed to take information and generate completed reports for non-violent crimes, according to NOPD.

"The NOPD Online reporting system will allow citizens to report non-violent crimes quickly and easily, and enable our department to continue focusing manpower and resources on protecting public safety," said Chief Michael Harrison in a news release. "It's a win-win, for the city and for our officers."

On the site, citizens will be asked four questions to begin the process for submitting and printing incident reports. The process is quick and free of charge, according to NOPD.

The questions residents will be asked to verify are:

  • Whether the incident is or is not an emergency
  • Did the incident occur within Orleans Parish?
  • There are no known suspects
  • Whether or not the incident occurred on an interstate or the Crescent City Connection

NOPD Online is designed to take property crimes reports such as a stolen bicycle, lost or stolen cell phone and incidents involving unknown offenders.

When the reporting process is complete, citizens will receive a case number and see prominent notification that the report was successfully submitted.

Reports can then be printed for records and used during the process of filing insurance claims, according to the news release.

An NOPD officer will follow up on the report if further action is needed.

Citizens should continue to report Incidents involving immediate danger through Emergency 911.

The new "Desk Officer Online Reporting System" is operated by Lexis/Nexis and has been adopted by over 300 law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. The system streamlines the reporting and communication process so officers can focus on mission-critical aspects of their duties, according to the report..

The NOPD Online reporting system is anticipated to free up officers time in responding to calls in person and will improve NOPD response time for emergencies.

The new system can be accessed here.