Campaign Promises: Cantrell on affordable housing

Mayoral candidates focus on affordable housing

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - LaToya Cantrell made history when she became the first female mayor of The City of New Orleans.

During her campaign Cantrell said there is a serious lack of funding to help rebuild homes in the city.

Here is how she plans to help get funding for non-profits and residents:

  • Work with community to raise money to renovate homes
  • Find funding options to allocate to community development
  • Use housing funds wisely to restabilize neighborhoods
  • Tap into non-profit partnerships
  • Ensure city funds are delivered in timely manner to renovators and home owners
  • Hold leaders accountable with funding and make sure affordable units are made available to the people

Make sure government is involved in the conversation about affordable housing, advancing the laws and rules on the books in order to get tax dollars to help build units in the city

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