RECAP: Cantrell promises these things will happen once she is in office

RECAP: Cantrell promises these things will happen once she is in office

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - For the first time in 300 years New Orleans will have a woman as mayor.

Voters on Saturday chose LaToya Cantrell to lead the city for the next four years, but there are still several months left before she takes office.

Unlike most mayor-elects who have two months to prepare for office, Cantrell has six.

This will grant Cantrell time to get a team in place to prepare to take on some of the biggest issues facing the city.

Cantrell has served on the city council since 2012. She became involved in city politics post-Kartina as President of the Broadmoor Improvement Association.

Campaign Promises: Cantrell on improving the Sewerage and Water Board

Campaign Promises: Cantrell on Economic Development

She has said during her campaign that she will address issues like economic development and problems at the Sewerage and Water Board.

Cantrell said when she is mayor, businesses looking to locate to the city will have criteria and guidelines that are clear in instruction and not tied to politics.

When it comes to the Sewerage and Water Board, Cantrell has promised to make sure every position is filled by the best people, especially in management.

What I will do firsthand, we have to ensure that we have effective leadership in place. Currently there's an opening for a chief operating officer, chief financial officer, project manager, of course the director of the Sewerage and Water Board and then 350 vacant positions," Cantrell said. "In addition to that, it's really about improving the communication and the interaction and working conditions between the Department of Public Works as well as the Sewerage and Water Board. They should not be living in isolation."

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