Mother murdered, 7-year-old son found safe

Family holds vigil for woman killed on N. Prieur

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - When someone gunned down a mother in front of her St. Claude home, people were shocked.

"For me to see that, it was really sad for me to see that, and to see that it was a female," says Tonya Flowers.

Family members tell FOX 8 that the victim was 31-year-old Jade Gibson. Police say someone shot her several times in front of her home on North Prieur. Gibson was the mother of two small children. One of them was located, but Gibson's son was missing.

"Once we did find out he was missing, an amber alert was deployed," says Lt. Regina Williams.

"The 7-year-old boy was found a few hours later. He's been located safe right now," says NOPD Chief Michael Harrison.

Police found the little boy at a neighbor's home.

"I had no idea this morning of the situation. I'm a student at UNO, and I was on my way to school and my oldest son sent me a text saying "come home now," says J.D.

J.D. tells FOX 8 that the 7-year-old would often come over to play with his children.

"He would wait on our steps for us to get home because he had no other place to be. Last night, it was getting dark and I said, 'Where's your mom?' I had him use my cell phone to call her, but there was no answer," says J.D.

He says he fed the little boy dinner and told him he could stay for the night. J.D. says the child's mom was never really around.

"He was a good kid, and he really appreciated having a warm family around and getting fed dinner. There were times when I packed him a little meal to go just so he would have something to eat," says J.D.

J.D. says he heard the gunshots late Sunday night, but they never imagined it was the child's mother who was killed.

"He's a sweet innocent kid, and I really hope that he can keep that innocence," says J.D.