It's the 'Battle of the Backs' in Boutte Friday

It's the 'Battle of the Backs' in Boutte Friday

(WVUE) - Anthony "Pooka" Williams and Devin Brumfield. The top two running backs in the state will be on full display Friday night in Hahnville when the Tigers host the Covington Lions.

"Oh yeah. You always check up on your opponent. See how great they're doing, cause you want to be better. It's great watching him play," said Covington running back Devin Brumfield.

"If fans who watch pro football want to know the difference between the two of them, look at the two Saint running backs. Brumfield is more of the Mark Ingram build, the Mark Ingram style, and Anthony is more of the Alvin Kamara build, and the Alvin Kamara style. So it's a contrasting style of two football players. I think it will be an excellent night," said Hahnville Coach Nick Saltaformaggio.

Pooka has rushed for over 300 yards in each of the first two state playoff games fro the Tigers. Against Ruston, he even had 42 carries. Friday night against Covington, expect more of the same.

"Of course. If my line keeps doing what they got to do, we're going to be very successful," said Williams.

Our other offensive skill kids, I don't want to say they disappeared, they're just not giving us the productivity they had the last few weeks. It's just been Anthony. Anthony wants to get to the Superdome, and if he wants to get to the Superdome, who am I to tell him no," said a smiling Saltaformaggio. "I've said all along, if there's any kid who deserves to be on that Dome turf and put on a show, it would be him. Because it would be phenomenal. A few people were saying, well you're just a one-trick pony. Yeah we're a one trick pony, but that pony is Secretariat. So we're going to run him."

It's been a long time since Covington won a state title in football. Covington Head Coach Greg Salter had yet to be born, heck I wasn't even alive. Way back in 1976.

"The people are excited, the people believe in this football team, and they want that football team to have that kind of success," said Salter. "That's how I am at this point. I love these kids so much, and they deserve the world. The selfish part of me, I'm not ready to give up this senior class."

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