LHSC: Seat belt usage up 87 percent in state

LHSC: Seat belt usage up 87 percent in state

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Local and state law enforcement officials are encouraging tourists to stay safe this weekend.

The reminder comes as thousands of visitors arrive in New Orleans for the 44th annual Bayou Classic.

A news conference was held by The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to address weekend travel and traffic safety.

The Thanksgiving holiday combined with the game is going to be a busy one on the roads.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission released some good news about buckling up. The state's passengers and drivers are buckling up at a record 87 percent rate.

NOPD Chief Harrison spoke about some of the precautions police are taking this weekend.

One woman spoke of how a drunk driver claimed the lives of her family members.

"My husband laid on Highway 507 and my husband took his last breath all because someone  chose to drink and drive," said Vanessa Braggs.  "I lost my best friend. I lost my partner but most of all, my children lost their father because someone chose to drink and drive."

Chief Harrison said their crime fighting capabilities are even better now thanks to the real time crime monitoring center. The new tool allows them to monitor and track cars and criminals across the city.

"Please do not drink and drive and just pay attention to what's happening around you so that you can be safe," said Harrison. "We will be closing streets entering the French Quarter so there will be no vehicular traffic at some point tonight and tomorrow night. If you can minimize your driving, we would ask that you minimize it because we are certainly in a place where most of what you can do you can get to in a five minute walk."