Magazine Street store owners encourage people to shop local

Magazine Street store owners encourage people to shop local

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - While many may be flooding the mall and big corporate stores for Black Friday, Governor John Bel Edwards is urging people to shop local Saturday.

"Black Friday is pretty busy, but then Small Business Saturday is very very busy. We get a lot of support," The Magic Box Owner Betsy Ordemann said.

Store owners and managers on Magazine Street stressed the importance of shopping locally.

"All of the taxes for one thing go into the community. We support our policemen, our firemen, our schools, and with the big box stores, none of that is supported," Ordemann said.

"It brings a lot of people out to the neighborhood, and it keeps our business going. We've been on Magazine Street for over 15 years," Manager of Jean Therapy Meghan Kuhn said.

While many may be doing their holiday shopping online, store owners said there's something special about coming down to Magazine Street.

"What we do here is personal service, and so it's a real interaction that it's not only that you get a product, but you also get an experience. It's sort of two things in one," Basics Underneath Fine Lingerie and Basics Swim and Gym Co-Owner Desiree Petitbon said.

"We really strive to give people the best customer service that they can get, so we'll call them and tell them hey look, we just got this in and we really think you'd like it, and customers in New Orleans appreciate that. They like that you know who they are, and you know what kind of style they like," Kuhn said.

Petitbon is on the board of the Magazine Street Merchants Association and said the businesses support each other.

"My shirt is from Jean Therapy, so yea we all know each other and support each other and that makes it a really fun, warm atmosphere," Petitbon said.

Governor Edwards sent a statement encouraging Louisiana to support small businesses because they make up more than 97 percent of the state's employers.

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