Juan's World: Practice makes perfect

Jim Henderson, Sean Fazende talk Saints loss to Rams

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and the Saints were reminded today that how you practice has a direct effect on how you're gonna play. Head Coach Sean Payton said the teams workouts leading up to Sunday's game was 'ok at best.' We now understand that 'ok at best' isn't nearly good enough for the Saints to keep winning consistently.

Because their practices last week were 'ok at best', the Saints win streak ended at eight games. And, because their practices last week were 'ok at best', Their lead in the NFC south standings has disappeared. They're tied atop the division with Carolina but hold the top spot based on a head to head win over the Panthers back on September 24th.

My beef is this. At this point and time of the season, the Saints should know that they can't take any short cuts to a division title, much less a much-needed playoff spot. Hopefully, this little hiccup in LA will be just what the doctor ordered for what needs to happen going forward. After-all, the next two weeks could tell us a lot about how this division will end up.

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