Undefeated Lakeshore only one game away from the Dome

Undefeated Lakeshore only one game away from the Dome

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - If they don't have your attention by now, what's it going to take? The Lakeshore Titans put everyone on notice last Friday with a 31-point win over perennial state power Neville.

"That wasn't expected. I mean, yeah, we have a good football team with an amazing offense and amazing defense. It didn't come easy, for sure, but we made it look like it," said Lakeshore quarterback Chris Penton.

In fact, the undefeated Titans have made it look easy all year. 12 of their 13 wins are by 21 or more points. The one other, by 17.

"We're happy to have it now after, what, 13 wins? Yeah, that's a lot of the reason we played, because people didn't believe in us. We just kept pushing," said running back Maximus Lowery.

"Some people at our school were saying that they didn't think we could beat Neville, but we showed them too. We have a lot more to prove," said defensive tackle Tylan Driver.

Although Friday's opponent, Rayne, comes from a different part of the state than the Lafayette area, the Titans are very familiar with them after the Wolves beat Lakeshore in the first round of last year's 4A playoffs.

"It definitely helps with the focus. You've got to definitely make sure that you're focused on the semifinal game," said Lakeshore Head Coach Craig Jones. "At the same time, there's a lot of people who want to talk about the dome, when you really need to focus on the opponent you play. It doesn't hurt to have someone that has beaten you and can beat you that you have to play in order to get there."

In a year since that matchup, not much has changed. The Wolves are still a dominant run team with a pair of one thousand plus yard backs. But with more experience, Lakeshore's confident that their offense can keep pace.

"We've got the athletes on the field to do it. If I put the ball in the right place, we have the athletes to go out there and make plays," said Penton.