Three shootings in five hours, one caught on camera

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans Police were busy Wednesday with three reported shootings in just five hours, one of which was caught on camera.

Now, police are hoping the crime cameras used to capture the footage with lead to the suspect's capture, as well.

Most recently, police were on scene on the 1600 block of South Liberty, investigating reports of a man shot in the head. Before that, they responded to the 2300 block of Harmony for a gunshot wound to the stomach. Just after noon, police were on the 2000 block of North Rocheblave for a shooting caught on camera.

They say someone was shot in the thigh after a man stepped out of the back of a green Honda and opened fire.

Those who frequent areas where cameras are in use are glad to see they're helping to catch criminals in the act.

"I guess lights and things like that don't deter people anymore so, I guess, if something happens, you at least have a point of reference," said visiting musician Skip Frontz Jr.

Even so, not everyone's convinced these crime cameras are effective.

"You have a photo, but do you have a name?" asked local Mark Hoerner.

Hoerner says he's seen what cameras can do to catch a suspect. He says cameras outside his family's business eventually led to the apprehension of a murder suspect.

However, he's not so sure about this alleged shooter.

"You can see the quality is not that great and you know how many unsolved crimes there are in the city? How backed up the system is?" said Hoerner.

While he's skeptical of this suspect's capture, Hoerner says he's glad the cameras are around, especially on days like these.

"Obviously, having cameras, I feel better, more secure," Hoerner said.

No word on the status of those injured, Wednesday. 
If you have any information on any of the shootings, you're asked to contact police.