Flu activity picking up across the state

Flu cases on the rise across Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Louisiana Department of Health says flu activity is picking up significantly across the state.

According to the state's influenza surveillance report, there's a high number of influenza-like illnesses going around, and, that's also a good indicator of how much actual flu we're seeing.

"So, when those are very high, you know there's a good chance that the flu is high," said pediatrician Dr. Paul Remedios. "Definitely increased over the last few weeks, especially with the cold streak coming on, that has skyrocketed the number of flu cases that we've seen, and just the number of people that are saying that they've been exposed to the flu."

Remedios says when we have a cold snap, you can expect to see a lot more flu going around.

"Definitely last week, when everyone was out for Thanksgiving and exposed to people coming from out of state and a lot more cold weather, we saw a huge uptick in it," said Remedios.

Remedios says the majority of the patients he's seen with the flu did not get the flu shot. To avoid getting sick, he recommends getting the flu shot, washing your hands often, and make sure you take care of yourself by staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. 
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