Huge pothole has Broadmoor residents concerned for safety

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Residents in one Broadmoor neighborhood say they can't catch a break. First, a leak that flooded their street. Then, a hole that seems to be growing every day. Now, neighbors are concerned for their safety, worried the street could give way.

It's a strange sight - utility shelving and a child's push car rising from the pavement. Yet, these items have an important purpose.

"To make sure drivers can see it because, if they can't see it, it could be very bad. A car could collapse right through this street. It won't be long," explained Robert Street resident Marcie Courtney.

It's all neighbors could think to do after no one showed up to fix the hole in the 3000 block of Robert Street.

"The street is collapsing, and we don't know when they're going to come back and finish the job," said Courtney.

It's hardly an improvement over what neighbors were facing before.

"There was just water gushing out of the street for, literally, over a month," said resident Wes Nash.

On Nov. 3, We reported how neighbors had been complaining about a steady leak. It was repaired days later. Yet, when FOX 8 checked close to two weeks later, there was still a problem.

Now, it's even worse.

"It's getting bigger every day, it seems like," said Nash.

"The water's been shut off. It's not flooding anymore, it's not leaking anymore, but the support under the street needs to be rebuilt. And the street needs to be repaved and we deserve that. We all pay taxes around here," Courtney said.

"When people park here, they're having to navigate around and it's making for a real tight space, let alone somebody walking on the street falls in it or drives through it or something like that," Nash explained.

Robert Street residents say they believe their requests are reasonable and hope the city hears their concerns before someone gets hurt.

"It's definitely a safety hazard," said Nash.

"Something's not right and the people of New Orleans do not deserve this," Courtney said.

FOX 8 reached out to the city Wednesday and Thursday. While we did touch base with someone, no one responded to our questions about if, or when, the street would be repaired.