Karr vs. Easton, round two

Karr vs. Easton, round two

(WVUE) - In week ten of the regular season, Karr absolutely thrashed Easton 40-6. Tonight in the state semifinals, The Eagles are looking for some revenge. Easton Head Coach Jerry Phillips used his own childhood, as a motivating factor.

" Thanksgiving when I was small, my parents had a big ole' party. One time I was playing football, and one of my out-of-town cousins got upset with me, and beat me up pretty bad," said Phillips. "But his grandmother was hosting the Christmas party, and I told them, all I thought of between Thanksgiving to Christmas was I'm going to get my lick back. I got my lick back, and I'm telling the kids, we're going to get our lick back."

Yes, the outcome was lopsided, but the scoreboard didn't tell the whole story in Round 1 of this heavyweight battle.

"If you go back and look at the game film, the game was closer than the score indicated. We got a lot of big plays on them. Big plays are going to be hard to come by on this game," said Karr Head Coach Brice Brown.

Coach Phillps and Brown both graduated from Karr. So how does Phillips feel if the Eagles keep his alma mater out of the Dome.

"I'm aware of that and o.k. with that. A Karr man, beat the hell out of another Karr man, so I'm o.k. with that. I work on the other side of the river, I use the bridge, from my house to the school, so I don't get to Algiers much. Except to see my mother, hopefully they don't know where my mother is, and vandalize the house," said Phillips.

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